Vasco M. N. Pereira ou Vasco Pereira, was born in December 1956 in Lisbon - Portugal and lives in Campo Maior, Alentejo - Portugal.

He started learning music in Campo Maior - Portugal, with the teacher Mrs. Maria Amélia Dias, at the age of eight years old.
Subsequently, he studied in the Regional School of Music of Covilhã,   Portugal, doing the two first years in just one academic year. He moved to Badajoz, Spain, to continue her musical studies in the Superior Music School of Badajoz, specializing in Piano, Composition and Instrumentation with the composer and conductor Juan Pérez Ribes. In the Seville’s School Music he studied folk music. In the Madrid’s Real School Music (= “Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid”), Spain, he studied Gregorian Chant with the professor Ismael Fernández de la Cuesta and Orchestra’s conduction with the conductor Francisco Navarro Lara, in Córdoba – Spain, he also studied Orchestra’s Conduction.
In 1996 he founded the "Orquesta Luso - Española" (Portuguese – Spanish Orchester), which he directed until 2009, to pursue other projects dedicated to chamber music with groups smaller and mainly to devote himself to composition. This orchestra had the particularity of being composed of young musicians Portuguese and Spanish. His repertoire encompassed all ages and styles, from "Baroque Music" to the "Contemporary Music". From this orchestra, many students they are integrated many orchestras and professionals bands.
He is a member from your foundation the "Association of Composers Extremadura" and collaborator, either as lecturer either as a musician, the "Ateneo de Badajoz” in Spain.
In 2009, he founded the "Ars Ad Septem - Cultural Association of Campo Maior," association dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Portuguese Art and Culture.
While em 2009, founded the "Ensemble of Flutes bevel" dedicated to the music of the Renaissance and Baroque.
In 2011 he founded CAMERAʇtA IBÉRICA, which is the artistic director and musical and also the resident composer and arranger. This ensemble is dedicated to the arrangements of symphonic / orchestral and contemporary music. Is formed by musicians from Spain and Portugal. Their training is instrumental Current: 2 saxophones, 1 clarinet, 1 horn and 1 piano.