The Composer

As a composer he has written for all kinds of instrumental and vocal ensembles (works for Orff Instruments, groups of recorders, piano solo, mixed choir, mixed choir with piano, singing with piano, chamber music, chamber and symphonic orchestra, soloist with symphonic orchestra and concert band), having debuted several works in Spain, France, Italy, Uruguay, Brazil and Portugal. His catalogue is formed for more than 300 works.

He collaborates frequently with several Portuguese and foreign musicians, emphasizing soprano Jacinta Almeida and the pianist Amadeu d`Oliveira, composing several works for piano and soprano, solo piano and soprano, piano and symphonic orchestra. He also composes for the "Duo Kisboa", a Spanish duo of harp and flute, Noemi Martinez and Antonio Bordoñez. There are some others musicians like the Mexican pianist Manuel Escalante, the clarinetist Alfonso Pineda, the violinist Nicolas Ramirez, the Argentine soprano Ana Clara Vera, the Spanish pianist Diego Ramos, the Double Reeds Ensemble (a group founded and directed by the maestro Francisco Luís Vieira) that have played some of his works.
Since 2009 he collaborates with the Portuguese pianist Maria do Céu Camposinhos and with the woodwind Italian quintet "I Cinque Elementi", for whom he composed a piece premiered on July 27, 2010, in Graves, Bordeaux (France), in "Les Rencontres Internationales de Musiques ". This same year he collaborated with the soprano Cristina Santi Uruguay, Uruguayan, composing a song cycle.
Since 2010, he has worked with the French soprano SABINE STEFFAN, having composed a cycle of eight songs for soprano and piano based on poems in French and Latin. With this soprano he is doing some innovative and unique musical projects: Cantor Maritime - Cantata libretto Inez Andrade Paes for CAMERAʇtA IBÉRICA, and a cycle of six songs for soprano, flute and guitar about some poems of Marie de France Labranche.
In 2012, for the soprano Sabine Steffan, the contralto Anne Marie Naboulet and the string quintet (2 violins, 2 violas and 1 cello), formed with the soloists of the "Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire", he composed a Stabat Mater in Latin, scheduled to debut in 2014 in Nantes (France).
He also compose some pieces for the trio Malibran, a French trio formed by Sabine Steffan (soprano), Anne Marie Naboulet (contralto) and Chloë Bellonnet (pianist), being one of this pieces Agnus Dei in Latin.
In 2011 he wrote for the clarinet quartet Valencian "VERT", a work premiered on November 8, 2011 at the Palau de la Música in Valencia (Spain), recorded by the quartet on their CD "Esencias 2". In 2012, he devotes a new piece to the quartet Vert: Promenades. Also for this quartet and the Valencian soprano Maria Velasco he writes a cycle of four songs based on poems in Galician, Portuguese, Spanish and Valencian.
In 2012 he composed for the Trio Brancusi in Paris (France) "Falling short-Tejo" (violin, cello and piano), and for the Italian flutist Rita D'Arcangelo, "Atlantic", a work for flute soil premiered in Tokio - Japan on October 1, 2013.
In 2013 he starts a new collaboration with the soprano Marina Pacheco and the pianist Olga Amaro, both Portuguese.
In January 2013, the "Women's Choir of Lisbon" debuted his vocal piece "Joseph cradling Boy", for female chorus harmonizing the four voices: SSAA.
In February 2013, he wrote "Impromptus", a new piece for flute sole, dedicated to his friend, Antonio Berdonez.
In April 2013 he composed a new song with poems of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, O Amor, for the Portuguese flutist João Paulo Ramos Marta and the Dutch counter-tenor Sytse Buwalda with piano accompaniment.

The russian pianist Natalia Mogilevskaya premeiered two works for piano, Impressões Tarnianas (Impressions of Tarn - France) and Entardecer (Sunset), on July 16, 2013 in Assisi - Italy.
He formed the duo IMPROMPTU CAMERAʇtA, which consists in Portuguese guitar (Paul Cachinho) and piano, developing the collection and writing sheet music of Fado, as well as new arrangements and original compositions of Fado. For their performances and concerts, the duo becomes a trio with the integration of a double bass or bass guitar over the acoustic bass (Filipe Pereira).
Since 2011, in addition to those collaborations already mentioned, he had collaborated with:
Contralto: Marion Ramsay (Scottish), Giovanna Dissera Bragadin (Italian) and Anne Marie Naboulet (French) for whom he composed a Pater Noster.
Pianists: Kathryn Woodard (U.S.), Lupe Rey (Spanish and living in Badajoz), Ancuza Aprodu (Roman-French and resident in Paris), Natalia Mogilevskaya (Russian pianist resident in Italy), Thomas Belicora (Argentine Buenos Aires).
Sopranos - Hege Gustava Tjönn Ludwig (Austrian); Jelena Bodrazic (Croatian resident in Berlin); Patricia Caicedo (Colombian resident in Barcelona); Tania Buccini (Italian) and Margarita Elia (Cyprus).
Mezzo-soprano: Anna Maria Chiuri (Italian).
Baritone: Xavier Ribera (Spanish singer living in Madrid).
Flute: Krisztina Dobner (Hungarian, resident in Portugal).
Guitarist: Radmila (Mila) Fokas (Croatian living in Canada).
Piano trio: Voces Intimae (Italian).
Clarinets Quartet Omega (Brazil).
Calliope Women's Chorus Voix de Femmes (Director: Mme Mathilde Chrétien).
Nowadays he has a contract with the publisher of printed music Brotons & MERCADAL Edicions MUSICALS SL and the U.S. publisher SONIC CROSSROADS New York.