Stabat Mater - estreia a 28 de Outubro de 2016, Sé de Elvas - Elvas, Portugal: https://youtu.be/dp8sTO6WIls

Dear Vasco,
I have listened to your beautiful Stabat Mater several times. Each time I listen I hear new things. I hear the standing Mother of Christ burdened by the suffering of her Son. What good is this suffering? The meaning of suffering can only be found in a higher purpose. Meaning can justify our suffering. We must courageously confront suffering and try to make it less horrible. 
The singing is gorgeous. The string harmonies add much tension, which makes the resolutions very satisfying. The rhythmic sections in the string accompaniments give the feeling of movement towards an inevitably sad ending, but one that we must confront anyway. Once or twice I was confused by the counterpoint in the strings (intonation problems? Or, just me?). It reminded me of a confused world asking, "Why so much pain?" 
"Vidit suum" is my favorite movement. It gives me chills when the Soprano sings her first note! 
Thank you, dear Vasco, for sharing the link to your Stabat Mater. It is very beautiful.
MANY hugs,
Thomas Bramel (composer USA)

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